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Tips on what to do when Stopped by Police Officer to Ensure your Safety

The current society we all live in is all but divided. On day to day interaction with people the situation can turn into uncomfortable and tense situation in a blink of an eye. Getting pulled over or being questioned by the police sometimes it can be hard situation to some people. The situation can be really nerves and uncomfortable most especially for those people who feel they are marginalized thus making it hard and feel threatened. Its important to have effective law enforcement but its also important to know ones rights when it comes to interaction with the police. Below is what one should do when in that situation to ensure ones safety.

One should always stay calm when interacting with the police. When interacting with the police one should not show any signs of aggressiveness or anxiety or nerves because the moment one shows those signs things will turn into tense. When one is anxious or nerves it shows that he or she is hiding something from the police. One should ensure that he or she remains calm and keeping the voice steady to avoid any tense situation.

Another step to ensure your safety when encountered by a police officer is to always know your rights. One can refuse answering any question asked by the police under the right to remain silent. If at some point one is not comfortable with officers questions he or she can exercise this right. Also one can refuse personal search or even his or her car without a search warrant and even the right to leave the situation calmly if you are not under arrest.

Also to ensure your safety when stopped by the police one should not resist an officer. Refuse being searched one can resist but to ensure your safety when it comes to being arrested one should not resist. Resisting arrest it gives officer a reason to act aggressively to you. To ensure that you are safe and the police dont act aggressively to you one should not at any circumstance resist arrest.

Avoiding any kind of movement is also important in ensuring that you are safe when pulled or stopped by the police, making any movement will make the officer think you planning on reacting and so he or she will react before you do and thus threatening your safety. Any sudden movement made when stopped by a police is giving the police a good reason to take physical action on you making your safety threatened. Any sudden movement will make police act faster since they are trained so and they take that as ill will towards them even if you know it in your mind that is not your intention. One should note that the police doesnt know you and they are looking for any reason just to convict you so making those sudden movement is a reason to act and convict you.