What Advantages Does Aeration Give You?

Property owners install bodies of water such as ponds and lakes to add more value to their land. The installations are highly coveted and offer a tranquil setting for homeowners. However, the installations also require aeration to eliminate unwanted conditions. Local suppliers offer a variety of aeration systems to mitigate risks associated with the installations.

Controlling Unwanted Odors

A lake installation often leads to environmental developments that generate unwanted smells. The reason that the odors develop is due to a buildup of gases in the water resulting from a lack of oxygen. By adding an aeration system, the gases won’t build up and are released through the water’s surface.

Getting Rid of Algae

Algae developments are major obstacles for property owners who want to install a pond. The developments often take over the water quickly and make it impossible for any other plant life to survive. Under the right conditions, algae are resilient and will spread fast. The plant breaks off and distributes spores throughout the water in a short amount of time.

Aeration systems force algae to the bottom of the water and prevent it from receiving adequate sunlight. The conditions make it impossible for the algae to survive. With a constant flow of oxygen and the water moving regularly, the algae won’t develop in the water any further.

Avoiding Mosquito Invasions

Mosquitoes require still waters to lay their eggs. Stagnant water is a preferred condition for mosquitoes that are reproducing. An aeration system prevents mosquitoes from laying eggs and taking over bodies of water. The water is moving consistently, making it impossible for the mosquito eggs to develop and survive.

Improving Habitats for Fish

By controlling unwanted algae and metals, the aeration creates a better habitat for fish. Property owners use aeration when they want to install a koi pond on their property. The higher oxygen levels prevent stratification and keep the fish safer and healthier.

Property owners review aeration systems based on their benefits. The systems are known for increasing dissolved oxygen into lake and pond water. The increased oxygen levels are beneficial for plants and fish that live in the installations. Property owners who want to learn more contact a supplier right now.